About the Association «TRAVEK»

Dear Colleagues !

International Association of transformers, high voltage equipment, electrical ceramics and other spare parts and materials - TRAVEK "established on 11 April 1991 in order to implement the business cooperation, contributing to marketing, manufacturing and technology development, to ensure product competitiveness in world markets.

The past years, characterized by a sharp contraction of domestic markets for products, put in the forefront of promoting the maintenance of competitiveness of products and, above all, ensuring information exchange in the field of scientific and technological achievements. Association coped with this challenge, holding international symposia electrical elite countries - participants, organizing seminars and company presentations.

The new time brings new challenges, including sustainable development organizations in growing markets with maximum openness of the latter and the exhaustion of reserves of the existing technological structure. In accordance with the established reality of the Association, without prejudice to action to safeguard the competitiveness of products and develops areas of business cooperation, promoting development of enterprises and organizations, manufacturing and marketing products effectively address the problems of technical regulation, including testing and certification of equipment.

We offer you a press release, the range of products within the scope of the Association TRAVEK and characterization of consulting the Association.

We invite everyone to mutually beneficial cooperation.


President of the Association TRAVEK
Director of Science and Innovation program
JSC Electrozavod, Prof., Academician of PSN RF
V. Kovalev


Objectives of the Association:

  • Implementation of business cooperation, promoting the development of new technology and manufacturing products in the field of transformers, high voltage equipment, electrical ceramics, and other electrical products, materials and special manufacturing equipment;
  • Development of integration and cooperation among members, including the standardization, testing and certification of equipment;
  • Joint efforts to ensure the protection of their rights and representation of common interests of its members at the level of presidential and governmental structures, ministries, academies of sciences, social organizations, as well as interaction with related associations and other entities.


The Association:

  • Assist in the development of new technology and production technologies;
  • Organize and conduct regular scientific - technical conference;
  • Assistance to Association members in carrying out technical and commercial activities in order to increase mutual trade turnover between the Association and the countries of the Association;
  • Organization of technical regulation, including standardization of electrical equipment and certification of conformity;
  • Assistance to Association members in the testing and certification of high-voltage electrical equipment;
  • Represent the interests of the Association of presidential and governmental structures, related associations, academic structures, universities and other organizations;
  • Organization of works on assessment of promising markets for electrical products - members of the Association TRAVEK development and evaluation of promising electrical equipment;
  • To promote and implement potential projects on the delivery of electrical equipment (transformers, reactors, insulators, high voltage circuit breakers and other electrical products and materials);
  • Organizing and holding exhibitions, seminars, scientific-practical conferences, business meetings;
  • Organization of advertising and publishing scientific and technical information of the members of the Association;
  • Information Association members on the ongoing scientific - technical conferences, seminars and exhibitions in Russia and in the world;
  • Participation in the organization and conduct of research and development efforts;
  • Promote public authorities at all levels in the strategy development of electrical industry, conducting assessments, developing standards and methodologies;
  • Assisting members of the Association of assistance and services, including information exchange and assistance in finding potential partners for the expansion of markets;

Proposals to expand the scope of the Association "TRAVEK"