Thematic orientation

Thematic orientation of the conference


1. State and future outlooks for the power industry and electric networks. Issues of electric power systems and networks digitalization.

2. Development of renewable energy sources and distributed low-energy systems.

3. New methods and means of improving the electric networks and electrical equipment reliability and energy efficiency.

4. Power and distributive transformers and reactors.

4.1. Prospects of development and improvement of power transformers, distributive, converting transformers, reactors and their components.

4.2. Current and voltage instrument transformers.

4.3. Controlled shunt reactors.

4.4. Issues of manufacture of transformer-reactor equipment.

4.5. Components and materials for the manufacture transformer-reactor equipment (high-voltage inputs, on-load tap-changers, control and protection devices, electrical steel, insulation materials).

5. The high-voltage switching equipment on 6-1150 kV.

5.1. Column and tank circuit-breakers with gas insulation.

5.2. Complete switchgears.

5.3. Gas-insulated lines (GIL).

5.4. Vacuum circuit-breakers.

5.5. High-voltage disconnectors.

6. Converting technics.

6.1. Power electronics.

6.2. Converter equipment for energy efficiency and reliability of electric networks improvement and providing consumers with electricity.

7. High-voltage electrical equipment control, protection and diagnostics systems.

8. The electrical equipment using technologies of "warm" superconductivity.

9. High-voltage electrical equipment standardization and testing issues.

10. Operating experience of the electrical equipment.

11. High-voltage electrical equipment world markets.